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How Dental Amalgam Poisons the Body

heavy-metal-toxicity-and-dental-fillingsAmalgam fillings have been identified as the greatest source of toxic metal in humans by the World Health Organization (i). In fact, the World Health Organization has stated that no other source on the planet contributes more towards metal toxicity in people than amalgam fillings. Staying aware of heavy metal toxicity dangers is the first step in achieving long-term holistic health.

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Amalgam Filling Removal for Expecting Mothers

amalgam-filling-removal-for-expecting-mothersHigh-content mercury fillings pose serious health risks, especially for pregnant or nursing mothers. Because mercury travels rapidly through the body, mothers can easily pass the poisonous chemical on to their children, often times without even knowing it.

Comments by Dr. Ted. Herrmann:

As a holistic dental professional, I am concerned with not only the mouths of my patients, but also with the wellness of their bodies overall. Particularly alarming to me is the abundance of silver in the mouths of traditional dental patients. This topic has been explored in great detail through our Miami Holistic Dentistry blog as research on the serious health risks that mercury-rich dental amalgam causes in patients.

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Breathe Easily with White Fillings

miami-dentist-breathe-easy-with-white-fillingsAmalgam (silver) fillings may be 50% or more mercury. This poisonous substance affects each major body system in some way. When it comes to the human body’s respiratory system, mercury acts with

Comments by Dr. Ted Herrmann:

Dental amalgams are typically referred to as silver fillings because of their grayish-silver coloring. These metal mixtures contain various amounts of tin, silver, and worst of all mercury. The larger the filling, the higher the mercury content. Big fillings, in fact, may be composed of upwards of 50 or 60% mercury.

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