Amalgam Filling Removal for Expecting Mothers

//Amalgam Filling Removal for Expecting Mothers

Amalgam Filling Removal for Expecting Mothers

amalgam-filling-removal-for-expecting-mothersHigh-content mercury fillings pose serious health risks, especially for pregnant or nursing mothers.  Because mercury travels rapidly through the body, mothers can easily pass the poisonous chemical on to their children, often times without even knowing it.
Comments by Dr. Ted. Herrmann:
As a holistic dental professional, I am concerned with not only the mouths of my patients, but also with the wellness of their bodies overall.  Particularly alarming to me is the abundance of silver in the mouths of traditional dental patients.  This topic has been explored in great detail through our Miami Holistic Dentistry blog as research on the serious health risks that mercury-rich dental amalgams cause in patients.
Of particular concern are the health risks mercury fillings pose for expecting mothers and nursing mothers.  As parents, we strive to protect our children and raise them in the healthiest environments possible.  This takes on new meaning for mothers with silver fillings because it means giving serious thought towards having those fillings removed to limit mercury exposure for both themselves and their baby.

Moms, Babies, and Dental Amalgam

Mercury from silver dental amalgams quickly circulates through the body for several reasons.  First, when mercury vapor from silver fillings combines with the saliva in the mouth, it creates a galvanic substance that is passed through the mucous membranes in the oral cavity and directly into the bloodstream (i).  As this toxin circulates through the bloodstream it is pumped throughout the body of the mother as well as the fetus (ii).  Research further suggests that a mother’s amalgam fillings are the largest contributor of mercury to unborn babies (iii).
This is of significance because mercury is the most toxic metal we know.  Further, mercury poisoning has been linked with Autoimmune Disease as well as many other serious health conditions.  Safe removal of dental amalgam is the best way to reduce your mercury exposure.  Once removed, dental work can be easily reconstructed with white composite fillings that contain no mercury whatsoever.
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