Heavy Metal Detoxification

//Heavy Metal Detoxification

Heavy Metal Detoxification

miami-dentist-heavy-metal-detoxificationHeavy metals accumulate once ingested, making them a serious danger.  Tiny amounts of heavy metals, like the mercury in tuna, embed themselves in the body.  Over time, the concentration of these metals can lead to the development of disease.  Heavy metal detoxification, however, can help you regularly remove heavy metals from your body.

Comments by Dr. Ted Herrmann:

Our Miami Dentist Blog has reviewed in great detail the dangers of heavy metals like mercury.  We’ve suggested considering silver amalgam filling removal as a treatment to prevent the development of serious health risks, like auto-immune disease.  In this post, we will explore several other ways in which the body can naturally flush these toxins.


We have discussed how an adequate amount of protein makes for a healthy breakfast.  Now, though, we turn to daily protein intake to accomplish another goal:  ridding your body of heavy metal toxins.  Protein supplements containing an amino acid known as gluthaione have been known to help the body flush toxins (i).  Often times, these supplements are available in several delicious flavors that go well in between meals.

Herbs and Antioxidants

There are also several herbs that help the body flush itself naturally.  Cilantro, coriander, chlorella, and green tea are all viable options (ii).  Cooking with these herbs, especially cilantro, is a great way to make them a consistent addition to your daily life.

White Composite Fillings

Attempting to detoxify your body through consistent flushing is powerless if you continually expose yourself to toxic heavy metals. We’ve explored safe silver filling removal in previous posts as a way to replace mercury-rich silver fillings with safer white composite fillings.  This is an essential step in long-term detoxification, as it will remove the mercury fillings from your mouth, nearly eliminating the toxic vapors to which you are exposed daily.

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(ii) see above.

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