Why See a Holistic Dentist?

//Why See a Holistic Dentist?

Why See a Holistic Dentist?

Holistic dentistry seems to be just another part the go green fad that’s been building momentum over the last decade.  Many mistakenly categorize the idea of holistic health with the likes of organic veggies, overpriced antioxidant super drinks, and trendy yoga studios.  However, holistic dentistry is not a mere fad.  Holistic ideals predate the advent of modern medicine, illustrating a timeless concern for the interconnected nature of the human body.

Comments by Dr. Ted Herrmann:
Assure a Smile Miami Dentistry was built upon the idea that information is power.  The more a patient knows, the more he or she can take proactive steps towards keeping their teeth and gums healthy for life.  Much of this ideology stems from the principles of holistic medicine.  Holistic medicine, and in our case holistic dentistry, views the body as a complex but unified system.  If there is a problem with one piece, that problem may manifest itself through another piece.
To illustrate, consider a patient who has very good oral hygiene but a few minor fillings.  Despite their regular brushing and flossing, the patient continues to develop minor cavities that need correcting.  There are two ways dentistry may approach this problem:

Traditional Dentistry

Traditional dentistry tends to be reactive.  When a patient has a cavity, the plaque is drilled away from the enamel of the tooth and the cavity is filled.  The patient is given brief instruction on proper brushing and flossing techniques, but much of this is already known.  Further, the patient leaves with little additional knowledge to help protect themselves from future cavities.

Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentistry looks at the very same patient and asks why.  What is the big picture?  Why does this person—who takes relatively good care of their teeth—continuing to develop cavities?  Assure a Smile thinks of this approach as people dentistry, and we help patients identify the causal factors that contribute to their oral health problems.  The patient described above may habitually grind their teeth, slowly weakening their tooth enamel over time.  The pH balance in their mouth may be naturally acidic, and they may benefit from avoiding drinks like orange and grapefruit juices.  There may be several underlying factors that contribute to a patient’s oral problems—and holistic dentistry aims to identify, explain, and diffuse each one individually.

Much like holistic dentistry, Assure a Smile gives each patient the undivided attention necessary to uncover the causes of their dental ailments.  Once the root of the problem is identified, the patient can learn how to prevent future problems and avoid long hours in the dental chair.

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